Most Common Injuries from Construction Site Accidents

When you think about workplace accidents, one of the first things that come to your mind is construction sites. This is understandable, because construction sites are some of the most hazardous workplaces.
But at least, according to the website of these Providence construction accident attorneys, those who have been hurt in construction accidents may take legal action against the responsible parties. But who are these responsible parties anyway? They may be employers who fail to give safety measures, supervisors who fail to enforce the safety measures, designers or manufacturers of construction tools and equipment, or literally anybody else whose direct negligence or recklessness has resulted into an accident and injury.

Head and Brain Injuries

Some of the most common injuries in construction sites involve the head and brain. Usually, traumatic head and brain injuries are sustained because of an object hitting the head, such as falling construction tools from elevated places, or because the worker has hit his head on a hard surface, like when he slips and violently crashes into the floor.

Shoulder and Back Problems

Typically, the shoulder and back get injured because of overexertion, particularly in physically demanding tasks such as pushing, pulling, and lifting heavy equipment and construction materials. They can also be sustained from falling off cranes, scaffoldings, and ladders. The worst injuries are those that involve the neck and spinal cord.


Workers break their bones when they receive enough force to the body, like when they get hit by moving construction equipment, or when they fall into the ground, because of unattended holes, slippery substances such as chemicals and oils, or tripping hazards like loose wires.

Lung Complications

The lungs are also particularly vulnerable whenever a worker is in a construction site. This is because of exposure to harmful chemicals and products that may be inhaled, such as dust particles and oil mists. There are also products that may even cause cancer, such as asbestos.


Electrocution is both common and fatal, which makes it the most dangerous accident that can happen in a construction site. Those who survive electrocution may end up with burns severe enough to affect muscles and bones. Chemicals, combustible materials, and explosives are also burning hazards that can be found in construction sites.